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Garage Door Trends of 2021

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The new year has arrived and though 2020 will never be forgotten— to put it mildly —2021 offers the promise of the new and the hopeful. Home trends that continue to gain prominence and are considered a priority among homeowners and are also center stage for the garage door industry. Home security, smart technology and contemporary, yet bold, design puts your home’s garage door system squarely in the crosshairs of 2021 home trends.

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Home Security

One trend that is gaining further momentum is the need for home security. From smart home security to reinforced entry points and upgraded access systems, 2021 is about achieving peace of mind and prioritizing safety.

Often the most-used gateway to and from the home, a garage door that is built and installed by a trusted brand known for quality and dependability is essential. As a trusted garage door manufacturer now celebrating its 100-year anniversary, Overhead Door™ Brand has the industry know-how coupled with a wide assortment of security enhancing garage doors.

Smart Technology

Another element to home security and a continuing trend for 2021, is utilizing the most up-to-date technology. With Overhead Door™ Brand’s OHD Anywhere® app, homeowners can monitor or control their garage doors remotely via their smart devices, allowing you to check if your garage door is open or closed, or if someone is attempting to operate the garage door without permission. It even offers the added security benefit of keeping a log of all uses of the garage door with dates and times. With OHD Anywhere®, garage doors will never accidentally be left open because homeowners can check the status through their smartphone app and safely close the door. OHD Anywhere® will also alert the owner if the door is open for an extended period of time or after a certain time at night. The OHD Anywhere® app is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and other smart home systems like, Yonomi, Brilliant, Control4, Clare Controls and more.

To go along with high-tech applications, Overhead Door™ Brand offers leading garage door openers, including the Overhead Door® Infinity™ 2000 Garage Door Openers, which saves homeowners space as the brand’s first wall mount garage door openers. These openers come standard with the Overhead Door® Wireless Wall Console, integrated with OHD Anywhere® technology and easing the everyday lives of consumers with its ‘Jogger Button,’ allowing homeowners a maximum 30-second delay to exit the garage safely when used.

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Contemporary Design

In 2021, home design trends will continue to lean toward a sleek, no-nonsense aesthetic with designs favoring a contemporary style. To best complement modern architectural design for indoor-outdoor spaces, garage doors that feature clean lines provide an uninterrupted flow between these settings. Homeowners also understand the importance of functionality paired with aesthetics. As such, garage doors featuring premium insulation and durability are a top priority in addition to aesthetics.

But don’t be afraid to go bold! Homeowners are continually choosing colors and design options that help their homes stand out from the pack while boosting their curb appeal. That’s why enhanced customization is a trend that is here to stay. To begin the remodeling process and experiment, homeowners can use Overhead Door™ Brand’s garage door design center app called DoorView® that allows the user to upload an actual image of their home and puts the power of design at their fingertips, allowing users to customize the garage door through a wide variety of design options, including styles, windows, door colors, overlay colors, trim colors, handles and accessories.

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Modern Style Upgrades

Overhead Door™ Brand offers a wide selection of modern garage doors that can complement any home. Providing security, smart home capabilities and style to match any aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with a garage door from Overhead Door™ Brand. To get started, consider the below options that can really pump up your curb appeal in 2021.

The popular Impression Steel Collection® combines high-end aesthetics and durable construction. Model 5800 offers a striking Recessed Panel option and multiple color and detail choices. The Recessed Panel features a unique pinstriped panel with a bold, recessed stamp design, allowing homeowners to obtain a carriage house-style garage door while benefiting from the low maintenance and durability of steel. These residential garage doors come in a variety of stunning designs including new Red Walnut or Weathered Gray wood grain textures.

Thermacore® insulated steel garage doors are the ideal choice for premium construction and maximum thermal efficiency. With multiple panel designs and colors to choose from, these doors offer design flexibility, durability and thermal efficiency that will help keep your home comfortable in cold or hot climates.

For a cutting-edge look, Modern Aluminum Garage Doors offer many advantages, including maximum light infiltration, durability and, of course, a striking look for today’s contemporary-styled homes. Crisp lines and sleek design formed from durable corrosion-resistant aluminum frames and light-filtering glass make a striking complement to your home.

For these and many more garage door design options, or to learn more about our security or smart home technology features, contact Overhead Door Company of Brookfield at 203-740-7691.