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Garages are not merely a place for parking cars. They often have multiple functions like home-office, gym or hobby station, besides accommodating assorted storage for the house. Garage door seals help to maintain the internal garage environment preventing dirt and vermin from entering and offering weather insulation.


Garage door weather seals act as a barrier by covering the small gaps and joints between the door body and its structural surrounds. These gaps allow water, dust, leaves and even pests into the house. Water can damage stored items and pose a slipping hazard. Pests cause damage and create unhealthy conditions. 

Garage door weather stripping includes pieces of vinyl or plastic attached to the jambs and header, using nails and screws which act as door draught excluders. 

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Garage door bottom seals/gaskets are pieces of rubber which are attached to the door bottom and prevent leaves and litter from being blown in.



These different door seals ensure that there is an effective barrier between the garage interiors and outdoor elements.


By sealing the gaps, garage door weather strips keep the weather out. Thus, they can control the internal conditions and bring down cooling or heating costs resulting in energy savings. This helps both the homeowner’s budget as well as the environment.


With garages being used for recreation or other uses for extended periods, internal conditions must be comfortable. Garage door weather seals play a significant role in improving these conditions.


Garage door insulation is inadequate without the use of seals. Garage door seals are critical to ensure that the results desired of insulated doors are achieved.


Garage door gaskets not only protect the interior and stored items; they can also prolong the life of the door and its surrounds. Garage doors are large and may often be handled roughly. This can cause wear and tear at the edges and may cause concrete, plaster or surrounding wall finishes to show signs of damage. Garage door seals act as cushions along the closing surface of the door. This helps to minimize the potential damage to doors and surrounding materials. By maintaining the good condition of doors, they reduce the possibility of frequent replacement or the need to refinish jambs and headers.


Garage door seals are an essential installation which bring many benefits to the garage interiors and prolong the door life.  Schedule a service call now to install weather seal where it is needed or to replace any that has been damaged.