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Overhead Door Corp., a manufacturer of residential and commercial doors and other products, introduced RapidGrille Advanced Performance Model 676, an industrial and commercial security grille. The doors supply a high-level of performance for applications where security, long-term asset value and minimized interruption to access are primary concerns. Parking garages, industrial manufacturing facilities, government property, shipping and receiving docks, retail facilities, and performance venues are just some of the locations where the Model 676 is designed to enhance security, the company said. 


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“A one-size-fits-all approach to security grilles is not workable for many properties.  This is why Model 676 not only provides security without a sacrifice to visual aesthetics and air exchange, but also lower maintenance requirements due to spring-less design that will minimize disruptions to operations,” said Foeng Tjong, commercial product manager, rolling products.“At the same time, Model 676 is designed to perform at a consistently high level over a long period of time, which is why it carries a five-year limited warranty on the motor and a two-year limited warranty on door components.”  


Model 676 features a built-in stop-lock brake that guards against uncontrolled curtain travel, a reversing/sensing edge to prevent entrapment, and photoelectric safety sensors with guards to prevent sensor damage. Its curtain is composed of high-strength links, galvanized, solid-steel rods without secondary link connections and aluminum spacer tubes. The RapidGrille, available in straight lattice and optional brick patterns, may also be ordered with aluminum links and spacer tubes, a complete stainless steel curtain or a powder-coated curtain.


Model 676 features a wear-resistant guide system to reduce daily wear and tear. The door’s direct-drive gear system and a variable frequency drive eliminate jolting starts and stops. Its NEMA-4X control panel provides a built-in cycle counter and timer-to-close function, allowing for ease of operation while providing system diagnostics.


Call Overhead Door Company of Brookfield today at 203-740-7691 for more information or click the link below.