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New insulated steel garage door line combines the strength of steel with the classic beauty of a wood door.

t. 1,big carriage house collection 20— Combining the beauty of a wood carriage house door with the durability of steel, Overhead Door Corp. introduces

“A Carriage House Collection door is an ideal choice when a garage door makes up a significant portion of a home’s façade and the homeowners are looking to make a big impact on their home’s curb appeal,” said Jennifer Malcuit, Brand Manager for Overhead Door. “This new line offers the classic styling of a carriage house style door, but with the added benefit of steel and insulation so that homeowners won’t have to choose form over function.” 


Available in a wide array of standard widths and heights, the Carriage House Collection offers seven carriage house door designs in both three-panel and four-panel styles. Three- panel doors offer large window options for greater curb appeal in clear, insulated or non-insulated glass. A standard-size window option is also available on four-panel doors. With each design, homeowners can choose from eight stain finishes, four painted finishes or three two-tone painted finishes, all featuring an embossed wood-grain texture that ensures the look of a classic carriage house door. 


Engineered for long-term performance, Carriage House Collection doors carry a limited lifetime warranty. Each door is manufactured from hot-dipped, galvanized steel and twice-finished in paint or stain, which is baked-on to resist fading and weathering. For added protection against the elements, a polyurethane insulation core is sandwiched between each steel door panel. This delivers both strength and an R-value of 10. In areas prone to high winds, doors may be ordered to meet wind load ratings. 


Each Carriage House Collection garage door also features a white, embossed steel-back interior, which delivers a clean, finished look inside the garage. Meanwhile, heavy-gauge steel wraparound end-caps on door edges provide protection for the door’s insulation, plus add overall strength. Doors also include a bottom bulb seal to protect against moisture seepage into garage. 


For even greater customization, homeowners can choose from several styles of decorative hardware, including faux hinges, lift handles and door pulls, angle and corner brackets, knockers, clavos and door studs.


To see how a new Carriage House Collection door will look on their home, homeowners can use Overhead Door’s online home visualization tool, DoorView.  After uploading a photo of your home, or using stock home images, homeowners can try out multiple Carriage House Collection doors and options to help you choose the ideal garage door for your home.


Call Overhead Door Company of Brookfield at 203-740-7691 for more info or to schedule a free estimate.


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