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People don’t always realize the value of making the right investment in a garage door. According to a report on Cost vs Value published in Remodeling Magazine, upgrading from the basic model to a mid-range selection model immediately raises your resale value.

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The report goes on to say that the value addition is greater than if you add a kitchen or bathroom remodel. It also states that those who choose carefully not only receive a value equal or more than the cost of the new door, the study indicated an increase of 71.9 percent return on your garage door investment. The report listed garage door replacement as one of the top five improvements to consider when investing in your home and property.

Design Your Garage Door For Increased Safety

There are new tools available today that make it possible to design your own garage door to fit the tone and style of your home. Myriad options that utilize photos and mix and match options geared towards easy selection and impact-full results.

Garage doors usually have electronic openers. Testing, installation, maintenance all provide the guarantee of safety given this is the largest moving object in the home, and a closing garage door can be a very dangerous event in the wrong circumstances. An out of adjustment automatic door opener can wield a brutal closing force, and death or injuries have occurred.

Entry Through the Garage Is One of The Most Common For Thieves

There has been a one percent increase in burglaries in the nation over the last five years, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and more than two thirds were of residential homes. Reports say in a single year the average is  2.2 million burglaries in our nation according to the study.

Steve Houseworth program director of the non profit “Theft Talk” was interviewed by US News. He recommends a number of simple, cost effective ways to reduce the chances your home will become part of these statistics.

Garages are one of the most common entry points for thieves, and leaving the garage door open at any time, gives any passerby a good idea of what treasures may be in there. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say. Utilizing the rolling code technology provided by high-quality door companies is a great safety feature.

Low Cost Tricks To Deter Home Invasion

Get a “Protected By Home Security System” sign for your yard. Which house is a thief more likely to hit? The one with a security sign in the yard, or the one without one? If you don’t have the resources to install a quality security system, certainly you can afford the sign.

Make certain that you lock the door to the garage from inside your home, and always make sure the door is closed when you retire at night. Key-ring remotes, open door alert systems and keypads are all great ways to make sure you have the garage door technology to support a safe and secure home. Being a great neighbor is also powerful insurance policy. Those who care will call police if they become suspicious.

Motion Sensors are another great way to deter nigh-time invasion. If a light goes on when they move, it can be very hard to hide. A light going on and off mysteriously, can indicate an intruder. Motion-sensors installed on outdoor lights is a great prevention method.

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