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More than 70% of homeowners say they don’t go in through the front door anymore. Instead, they use their garage for home entry. It makes sense. Most of the time, you probably are carrying things from the car as you come into your house. Whether it is a briefcase, backpack, groceries or books from the library, it is much more convenient and easier to enter through the garage than through the front door.

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Moreover, who wants to fiddle with keys? In fact, the garage makes a great entry place in bad weather. You can take off those muddy boots, dry out those umbrellas and stash the snow clothes in the garage before you come in.  

Modern Garage Doors Add Value and Curb Appeal to Your Home
Replacing the garage door makes sense if you want high return on your remodeling dollar. Since garage doors make up a good third of the front exterior of most homes, replacing a drab, cookie-cutter door with one of the hundreds of new customized looks can make an elegant and distinctive decorating statement.  If you are looking for a home project which is guaranteed to make an impact on the value of your home and the convenience of your day, replacing your garage door is a great way to go.

A New Garage Door is Stylish Way to Show Your Home’s Unique Personality
Typical old-style garage doors are aluminum raised panels.  Now manufacturers use many new styles and materials like glass, copper, wood, fiberglass, composite and even zinc.  Here are three of the top style choices: 

  • Carriage House Garage Doors: One of the latest trends in garage doors harkens back to the days of horses and buggies.  Using stylized windows, classic lines and custom paint colors, Carriage House garage doors look like a previous era, but operate with all the convenience of state-of-the-art garage door manufacturing, with keyless entry and vertical rising.
  • Contemporary Garage Door Styles:  Does your home have a more modern look? Contemporary Garage door styles are sleek, simple and distinctive.  Using unique combinations of materials like glass and aluminum, steel and wood, copper and glass or even wood and zinc, Contemporary Garage doors enhance your home’s architecture.
  • Raised Panel Doors:  While these type of doors are the same category as the ones available when you were growing up, they are now made of composite or wood which can be painted or stained to match any hue in your home.

A New Garage Door Extends Home Space
Do you know the latest remodeling trend is garages?  Rather than using the garage as a place to store junk, families are extending their home space by keeping neat, clean, garages that can be used for working on projects or playing games with the kids.

Allure of Gadgets We Can’t Live Without
In all honesty, we probably like replacing garage doors mostly because it allows us to get those new gadgets we can’t live without, like keyless entry pads, remote control garage openers, indoor garage door monitors that warn you if you forget to close it.  Don’t forget that you can also get devices that turn on your lights as you come home.  All of these new gadgets make our homes easier to enter, but also safer.  Plus, they also have battery back-ups to make sure you can enter and exit even during a power outage.