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3-Inch-Thick Thermacore AP 850 Commercial Sectional Door

New Addition Delivers Strength, Highest Thermal Performance


Overhead Door distributors can now offer their commercial and industrial customers advanced thermal performance, strength and durability with Overhead Door Corporation’s introduction of the Thermacore® AP 850, a 3-inch-thick insulated sectional door that is rated one of the strongest and most thermally efficient doors on the market.


Overhead Door’s Thermacore® AP 850 delivers the most advanced thermal performance values published by any major U.S. manufacturer – an R-value of 26, U-value of .038 and a third party tested installed U-factor of .14 – making it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial applications where extreme heat, cold, durability and ease of maintenance are primary concerns.


The Thermacore® AP 850 is engineered to meet the demands of facilities that require advanced-performance materials.  Agriculture, pharmaceutical, climate-controlled, industrial manufacturing and government sites are just some of the applications where this door is especially suited, and when purchased with an operator it’s backed by an industry-leading, three-year door and operator system warranty.


The Thermacore® AP 850 is Overhead Door’s most thermally efficient, commercial sectional door, due to its 3-inch- thick profile consisting of high-density, foam-injected CFC and HCFC-free polyurethane insulation, which offers the best insulation values per square inch. Additionally, the door is constructed with a patent pending dual-barrier, tongue-and-groove joint profile that creates a virtually impenetrable path for air leakage and infiltration between door sections, and PVC thermal breaks that reduce heat and cold transfer from front to back of the sections. Optional perimeter seals and barriers permit air infiltration of only .09 cfm/sq. ft. at 15 mph, when added to the door.


To reduce installation time, Overhead Door added continuous steel strips that run the width of each door section. This allows for flexibility in hinge and lite placement as well as making it easier to center mount a trolley operator. Distributors will realize further savings because Thermacore® AP 850 sections can be cut to size in the field for quick service and the ability to inventory sections for replacement calls.


The Thermacore® AP 850 is available with a number of options to meet individual application needs. Window options include insulated glass, insulated tempered glass, and multi-wall polycarbonate (clear, white or bronze). Meanwhile, finish options include two coats of baked-on polyester paint available in four colors to blend with the design aesthetic of the facility. For applications with advanced security and safety needs, the door can accommodate extra locks, a sensing edge, photo-eyes, and a cable failure device.


Call Overhead Door Company of Brookfield today at 203-740-7691 for more information.