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At first, it may seem difficult to choose the optimum commercial garage door. A good choice is one that really corresponds to the way the door will be used. 

Step 1: Select a sectional door that will be suitable for your actual application

According to the application, as example fire / ambulance stations, warehouses, car / truck washes, manufacturing facilities, condo / apartment building, etc., use the appropriate sectional door (e.g.: 1 ¾’’ thick door, urethane injected, 26-gauge steel door).

Step 2: Choose the door system according to the degree of sturdiness you need

This depends mainly on the dimensions of the door, the material it’s made of and the number of daily open/close cycles it will undergo.  The torsion spring acts as a counterweight to facilitate the opening of the door. A key factor in the durability of a door is its hardware. Choosing a spring depends mainly on the daily number of open/close cycles your door will undergo. Choice: between 10,000 cycles to 100,000 cycles. The higher, the better.

Step 3: Select your door opener and the other accessories you will need

The choice of the door opener depends on the weight of the door and the number of open/close cycles that it will undergo. There are two types of door openers: trolley type and jackshaft. There is also a lot of possibility in regards to accessories: remote control, loop detector, adjustable timer to close, etc. Must have: pneumatic and / or photocell reverse system

Step 4: Choose the type of windows you require.

There are many choices of sealed windows: clear, reinforced, tempered, laminated, tinted. There are also polycarbonate or acrylic lites. Remember: if the insulation of the door is important for you, reduce the number of unit windows. 

The price differential between two choices can be minimal and far less than the cost of repeated maintenance calls. Make sure you’re buying the commercial garage door system that will stand up to your requirements.

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