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Burglars like to target areas that lack activity. Garages are a perfect example because they’re usually people free. 

When an opportunity and a thief engage, it usually ends up with the homeowner losing.

We can’t eliminate the thief from the equation, but we can subtract the opportunity.

garage burglar 1

Going on vacation:  If you’re planning a trip make sure you unplug your electric garage door opener or put the wall button in the vacation lock position.  If you don’t own an opener, secure the overhead door by either putting a padlock through the hole in the locking bar on the inside or simply slide a bolt through a hole on the inside garage door track.  This will prevent a burglar from sliding the door open.

Adding an alarm system:  Add door and window contacts as well as motion detectors in your garage when adding an alarm system. This area needs the same kind of coverage as your living space, so don’t skimp.

Motion lighting:  Burglars hate light, so remember to check the lighting around your garage area. You may want to install inexpensive motion lighting around the perimeter.

Your remote:  If you have your garage door opener clipped to your vehicle visor, shame on you! You might as well leave your house keys hanging from the visor of your car in broad daylight. Why make it easy for the crooks to gain entry into your home?

Purchase a small key chain remote from your overhead door dealer that matches up with your existing overhead door opener. Now you can carry your remote with you, eliminating the chance of leaving it in your vehicle.

And a word of advice for anybody who owns a remote garage door opener; never enter or leave your home without making sure the overhead garage door fully descends. You never know when the door might bounce back up and return to the open position. If this happens you may come home and find a few things missing from your garage.

Garage doors left open:  When the warmer weather arrives, homeowners get into the gardening mood and spend more time outdoors. Crooks love this time of year because homeowners tend to get complacent about their overhead garage doors. Doors are often left open intentionally as well as unintentionally during warm weather.

Once an opportunist spots an open overhead garage door, he or she will make their move, unloading lawnmowers, golf clubs, power tools, bicycles, and whatever else they can unload at the local flea market.

One way to eliminate a garage door from unintentionally being left open is to install a device that signals the door opener to close after a predetermined amount of time. The beauty of these devices is you have an option of overriding the control if you want the door to remain open.

Emergency release:  And finally, drop a zap strap around the emergency release mechanism for the overhead garage door. This mechanism will release the door and allow you to lift it manually in case of a power failure. If you need to release the door, simply cut or pull hard on the door release and lift the door up.

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