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Winterproofing is a cost-effective way to help keep the heat in our homes. It is installed around doors and windows, but is often overlooked in the garage, and this can have a major impact on heat loss in the home, especially during the winter months.

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Garage doors should be weatherstripped, especially if the garage is under bedrooms or the main living space. Cold winds blowing in and around garage doors can cause discomfort, especially on the floors, by cooling the hot air furnace ducts running within the floor joists. (Of course, this won’t happen in a heated garage.)

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 Use garage-door weatherstripping around the perimeter of the door on the wood frame


and convex rubber door stripping on the bottom of the door.

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Wood or single-skinned steel doors can be replaced with an Overhead Door insulated steel door for premium construction and maximum thermal efficiency.  These doors will give you many years of reliable operation, will help keep your home comfortable in cold and hot temperatures and will help save you money on your utility bills with the added benefit of having a more comfortable home.


Your garage door needs to be maintained, as springs, hinges and bolts can come loose, making it drafty, noisy, and even susceptible to warping. Older steel wheels are very noisy, and must be maintained with grease or oil. These outdated rollers can easily be replaced with nylon rollers which are much quieter than the metal rollers, require no oil, no maintenance, and last twice as long as metal rollers.



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