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Garage door opener remote controls are supposed to make our lives easier. Who wants to have to open a garage door by hand when it is freezing or pouring rain. As technologies become more complex, there are more and more ways in which they can break down. Listed below are some common problems with a quick fix.  Check them out.

The Garage Door Opener Remote Only Works Up Close

There are a few things that could cause this to happen. First, check the batteries within the remote itself to be sure they still have a charge.  If you are not sure then replace the batteries. While replacing the batteries, be sure to clean the electrical contacts, since this may be another cause of a weak signal from the remote. If the remote is still only working up close, ask yourself if you have added any new electrical equipment in the garage or in the room above it.  This can cause interference.  Unplug the new item to see if the remote works correctly.  We know of an instance where an old electrical toy thrown out in the garbage interferred with the remote.

The Garage Door Remote Won’t Work but the Wall Switch Does

Check the batteries and clean the electrical contacts in the remote. If the remote does not work try re-programming the remote to the opener.  Still not working?  The problem might be because of the safety sensors.  Do you have to hold the wall button to get the door to close?  If not then you may need a new remote.  If you have to hold the wall button you are overriding the safety sensors at the base of the door.  Possibly one of these sensors is misaligned, blocked or the lenses are dirty.  In that case as a safety feature the opener will not allow the door to close or the remote to work.  Clean the sensor lenses, and make sure they are aligned and unobstructed and both sensors are lit.   This should fix the problem of holding the wall button and allow the remote to work unless one or more sensors are not lit.  In that case you need a service call.  And last but not least you may just need a new remote.

Remote Only Works in Cold or Warm Weather

If there are problems with the remote that seem to occur only when the weather is either cold or warm, the problem probably has to do with the safety sensors at the base of the door.  Next time it happens, try going inside the garage and holding down the wall switch to override the safety. If the door works when this is done, then it is indeed the sensors that need to be realigned. What happens when the weather turns, is that the steel which houses the sensors either expands or contracts which, in turn, will distort the path of the sensor beam. If the sensor was slightly misaligned in the first place, then the slight change in the temperature of the metal will force the safety to kick in. Also, in cold climates with heated garages, the lens on the sensors can be clouded by either fogging or frosting. Clean the lenses and realign the sensors to fix the problem.

The Batteries in the Remote are Brand New and the Door Still Won’t Open

In rare cases when you replace the batteries in the remote it loses its programming.  Try re-programming the remote to the opener.  If this does not work then this may not be a remote problem, but rather a problem with the garage opener itself. Check to make sure that the opener is plugged in and that no fuses are blown or circuit breakers tripped. If the power seems to be working properly, there are two options.  First, there may be an internal problem with the opener’s mechanisms. If this is the case, the unit will need to be serviced.  Or second, you may need a new remote.